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Cold Storage

Badger Australia has been committed to the Cold Storage Industry in Australasia for almost a decade. The Badger Team has unmatched experience and knowledge of work in extreme and freezing temperatures – get in touch with the Team today to discuss how our service offerings will keep your employees safer and more comfortable.!

  • The widest range of cold storage clothing PPE available
  • Manufacturers of Badger Brands freezer wear, with the unique Thermazone Insulation zoning
  • Unbeaten, unmatched 24 month warranty on cold storage clothing / freezerwear
  • Free delivery / free returns anywhere in Australia
  • Stockists of the best quality freezer jackets, freezer pants, freezer boots and freezer gloves in Australia
  • Years of experience in the industry

24 Month Clothing Warranty

Ultimate Order Traceability

12 Month Footwear Warranty

Widest range of Freezer Gloves

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