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QuickVend Station Vending Solutions from Badger will drive control, accountability and cost-savings in the PPE procurement and distribution at your company. In companies with large numbers of staff, maintaining management over the procurement and
distribution of consumables is often an onerous and time-consuming task. It can involve:

  • keeping track of your stocks
  • taking precautions to limit theft
  • manually distributing product
  • trying to track usage, using multiple reports and data sources
  • struggling to keep within budgets.

QuickVend Station Vending Solutions will implement a system within your business and team that makes driving control,
accountability and cost-savings easy.

The bottom-line? A Station can reduce your annual PPE and consumables spend by up to 60%!

QuickVend Station

Calculate what a station could save you!

QuickVend Station

Reduce overall PPE spend by up to 60%

QuickVend Station

Reduce workplace theft

QuickVend Station

Set budgets on employee’s individual usage

QuickVend Station

Pay wave, RFID card, sticker and FOB compatible

QuickVend Station

Detailed monthly reporting


What does it cost us?

The rental fee for your company depends on your monthly spend. There is a tiered pricing structure, with the fee being waived if your monthly consumables spend exceeds $2000.

Is there a contract involved?

No! Badger Australia retains the ownership of the machine and places onsite with no contract involved. If you decide the machine isn’t bringing you the results expected, we will remove it for ZERO charge.

Can we trial it first?

Yes! We encourage you to trial the machine for 3 months first, to experience the savings it can bring to your company.