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Signature Branding™ and Custom-made Workwear

The Signature Branding™ Process

Badger Australia’s workwear branding process is streamlined so you can get what you need fast, and get back to work!
We follow this step-by-step process to get your custom design work shirts to your site in 7 – 10 days.

Browse our online store to choose the workwear for your custom printed logos. The Signature Branding service is available for hi vis and non-hi vis jumpers, jackets, polos, trousers and vests.

This step only applies if you’ve never received Signature Branded clothing from Badger before.
Once you’ve chosen your garments and added them to the cart, please add a Logo Setup to your cart as well. (SKU is LOGO-SETUP if you’re struggling to find it).
Our in-house graphics team will contact you to get a logo file & then get to work on your logo. Using the materials you provided, they will craft the logo to the size, shape and colour that is appropriate for the workwear.

When the design has been finalised, we get to work printing or embroidering it onto the work shirts. Badger uses the latest technology branding machinery so you get a crisp, professional outcome.

Once your work shirts, polos or other garments have been customised or printed, the Signature Branding team will quality check every garment for defects. This strict process allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty on any clothing logos!*

We take great care in packing your order. Expect to receive your custom workwear bagged and allocated to the specific employee’s name, if you have ordered them that way.

Interested in Badger’s branded workwear process, but have questions? Get in touch with our team to find out more details!

Step 1: Choose Your Workwear

Browse our online store to choose the workwear for your custom printed logos. The Signature Branding service is available for hi vis and non-hi vis jumpers, jackets, polos, trousers and vests.

Step 2: Logo Design
Step 3: Logo Printing or Embroidery
Step 4: Quality Control
Step 5: Packing and Shipping

What Sets Us Apart?

We’ve put together a team of specialists who are dedicated to creating your personalised workwear. Badger’s Signature Branding™ offers the same WOW service you’ve come to expect.

The unique process Badger uses is faster, meaning you receive customized orders within 10 days. 90% of orders are dispatched within 7!

If you don’t have a logo or you want to update it, our in-house graphics team can help! There may be a small set up fee involved, but the team is happy to fine tune and edit your logos files so the end result is crisp and clear.

Badger Australia offer a lifetime warranty on all Signature Branding logos. Badger’s special branding technology means that as long as you follow the given cleaning guidelines, your logo will last as long as the custom branded workwear. If it doesn’t, we’ll replace the logo free of charge.

Traditional methods of branding are less hygienic as loose threads can trap dust and other things. Signature Branding means there is no risk of cross contamination, making it safer and more hygienic!

7-10 Day Turnaround
In-house Graphics
Lifetime Warranty

Signature Branding will help you reduce the overall costs of your customized workwear & clothing. Badger’s branding pricing is competitive and simple so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

Company logos can be affixed to most Badger garments through the latest Signature Branding digital imaging or embroidery. Pricing varies according to the size and placement of the logo, but you can check that all out if you click this link.

The setup fee shown on this page is applicable for all new logo setups not previously done by Badger Australia. This is a once off fee, so you aren’t charged on any future orders.

The Signature Branding team can print and apply logos to your specifications and needs, but some of the common logo sizes are:

  • Front Logos are often between 60mm & 80mm wide
  • Back Logos are often between 200mm & 250mm wide







Shipping is completely free for businesses – Australia-wide. From Sydney to Perth to Eggs and Bacon Bay in Tasmania (yup, that’s actually a place!), freight is free with no minimum order.

For retail accounts (accounts with no ABN), you can enjoy flat-rate shipping with no strings attached!

And returns are free too. This means if you need to return or replace an item, we pay the postage to get it back here. Obviously if an item has been customized, it cannot be returned.

For more information, click here!