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Thermazone™ Guide – which clothing range suits your cold environment?

Which range suits your cold enviroment


traffic-signBadger Thermal Workwear has a unique badging system, known as Thermazone™, which allows you to easily identify the thermal properties of any thermal garment. The system works off the logic of a stop light; the Chilla™ range badges are red, Freeza™ range are orange and Xtreme™ green. The diagrams below display the suitable usage of each range in terms of the environment temperature and activity level of the wearer. Obviously, the higher the level of strenuous activity they are completing, the more natural body heat the person will produce and the warmer they will keep.

Please note that while this guide is a handy reference, there are many variables that effect working in extreme temperatures which can alter the suitability of Badger garments (i.e. people with poor blood circulation will generally feel colder than others). For more information, please approach your local Badger stockist or a Badger product adviser.





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