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How to make your work boots last years longer! (6 easy tips)

How to make your work boots last years longer! (6 easy tips)


Work boots often have a tough life! We wear them and rely on them 8 hours a day (or longer) in all sorts of environments and seasons. If you follow the tips and tricks shown in this video you could get months or even years longer lifetime out of your boots. By the way, the tips apply to industrial or safety shoes as well!

1. Buy good quality boots in the first place.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to boots, if they’re cheap to buy chances are the manufacturer used cheaper stitching, materials and manufacturing techniques. Remember that work boots are often tax deductible, so pay a little extra initially to invest in a decent pair, and you’ll save in the long run!

2. Regularly maintain or treat your boots.

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Moisture is the enemy of most types of work boots, especially leather ones, as water causes them to stretch and contract which can cause the stitching to tear and can degrade the leather. Apply waterproof spray, wax or cream to the boots regularly, maybe fortnightly or monthly depending on how wet your boots get. A good way to test whether you need to re-waterproof your boots is by dripping water on them. If the water doesn’t build up its time to repeat the process.

3. Wash your boots regularly.

Mud and grime build up on your boots can lead to the uppers degrading or rotting, so wipe off daily dirt with a damp cloth or brush. You can also use a light conditioner or soap every now and again if your boots are leather. When choosing the conditioner, ensure its suitable for your specific type of boot as full-grain leathers and rough leathers such as suede require different conditioners. Ensure you remove the laces every now and again and clean the tongue as well!

4. Dry your boots after each use.

To avoid moisture build up and staining, it’s a good idea to dry your boots out after each day in a well ventilated, ambient environment. Its important you don’t use a heat source, as that can lead to the leather over drying and cracking. A couple of good ways to speed up the drying include pointing a fan at them, using a shoe tree or filling them with newspaper. These last two ideas will also help keep the shoe’s shape.

how to dry boots with newspaper
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how to dry boots with a fan
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5. Have a couple of pairs of boots and alternate them each day.

This will give the boots a good break between wears, allowing them to completely dry out and letting the leather return to it’s natural shape after each wear.

6. Try restoring them rather than buying a new pair.

Instead of buying a new pair as soon as your boots begin to fail, try using a shoe repair specialist. They can generally replace laces, stitching and soles, which is often a lot cheaper than a whole new pair of boots!


Bonus Tip: Reduce the wear and tear on the back or the heel of the boots by using a shoe horn when you’re putting the boots on, or by buying a zip sided boot.


Stick to these simple tips and your boots will last months (and even years) longer! To find out if it is time to say goodbye & invest in a quality new pair of boots, contact the Badger Team. We’d love to hear from you!

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