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Tradies National Health Month – what is it and how can you get involved?

What is Tradies National Health Month?

Tradies National Health Month (TNHM) is a held in August each year across Australia and aims to build and encourage awareness around the health and safety of tradies. According to Safe Work Australia’s studies, Australian tradies make almost 200 serious worker’s compensation claims every day, which equates to around 3x the national average. Despite only making up around 30% of the workforce, tradies are involved in 3 in 5 serious workplace injuries. More alarming statistics relating to tradies at work can be seen in the infographic below.

Clearly, this small section of our workforce falls victim to a large proportion of incidents at work. TNHM aims to raise awareness and help them out!

tradies national health month infographic

How you can get involved.Tradies national health Month poster

  • Make efforts to reduce the danger of your activities & encourage other tradies to do the same
  • Visit a physio or health professional to see if repeated activities you are completing on a daily basis are impacting or injuring areas of your body
  • Join in and endorse the TNHM campaign, both verbally and on social platforms (campaign social images can be found here)
  • Follow TNHM’s Facebook page
  • Place posters like the one on the right around your workplace or home (posters can be downloaded here)
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