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How do you measure your glove size? FREE tool, find your glove size!

It is vital your gloves fit you properly for them to function properly and keep your hands safe. If they are too tight you will loose dexterity and your hands won’t be able to complete fiddly tasks. If they are too loose, they pose a hazard as they could get caught in machinery etc.

This FREE TOOL will help you measure your hand so you can order gloves that will fit the first time!

How to use the glove measurement tool:

  1. Print out this sheet on A4 paper using the print to ‘Actual Size’ option on your printer, and check its accuracy by placing a credit card or 20c coin over the accuracy checker in the bottom left-hand corner.
  2. Rest the palm of your hand over the silhouette, ensuring the black line is right next to your thumb.
  3. See which line the right side of your hand rest up against. Round up to the larger size if its halfway between two sizes, just to be safe!
  4. Jump on www.badgeraustralia.com.au and purchase gloves that fit perfectly and suit your application perfectly!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’re printing the tool, select Actual Size, NOT Fit or Shrink oversized pages.





Click the guide below to download an A4 copy!

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