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The Ultimate Guide to working safely in cold storage

The Badger Team have developed this interactive (and completely free) resource for the cold storage workers of Australasia. While working in cold storage can be an extremely rewarding career pathway, there are unique and significant risks involved that EVERY supervisor or staff member working in freezing temperatures must understand. Using the decades of experience of the Badger Team and our customers, this directory of knowledge has been designed to allow you to easily develop your knowledge of the risks of cold storage and the measures you can take to keep you and your staff safe as they work in the frigid temperatures of cold stores. Enjoy! - The Badger Team

  • Head

    There is a popular myth that 40 – 45% of your body heat is lost through your head. This theory is flawed, however, but....Read More
  • Humidity

    In cold stores and freezers, the air can be very dry. The dryness of the air on cold stores can pose a hazard to your health...Read More
  • Health

    While working in freezing temperatures seems to just make everything a little bit harder, the good news is that if you...Read More
  • Diet

    While it may not seem obvious, your diet is an integral part of staying safe and warm in extremely cold temperatures...Read More
  • Freezerwear

    Trying to decide which type of freezer jacket will suit you and your job role can be confusing. Freezer jackets aren’t that cheap...Read More
  • Core Risks

    The constant, unrelenting cold in commercial freezers is not only uncomfortable, it can also pose a serious hazard to you...Read More
  • Gloves

    Your extremities (including your hands) are at the most risk when you're working in freezing temperatures. Your body focuses...Read More

Over the last couple of years the Badger Team has developed blog posts about working in cold storage and how to stay safe as you complete tasks in sub zero temperatures. This index allows you to quickly browse the articles focused on cold storage. If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to get in touch with the Badger Team!