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How to Use the QuickClick Online Ordering Tool

How to Use the QuickClick Online Ordering Tool

Welcome to the QuickClick portal! Below are instructions for our new and improved tool, but if you are unsure, please call us on 1300 305 275 . We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, or give you a guided tour of the portal.

    1. Ensure you are logged in. (You can check this by checking your username is displayed next to the padlock on top right of page).
    2. Access Dashboard. You should be directed to this page when you login, but you can also access it through the ‘My Account / QuickClick’ link in the header. Your Dashboard is the QuickClick portal homepage, and displays all the relevant information and links to use the tool.
    3. Confirm Your Details. Navigate to ‘My Account Details’ in the left-hand dashboard menu. Confirm/complete these details, and click ‘Save Changes’.
    4. Shipping/Billing Details. Navigate to ‘Manage Addresses’. Confirm/complete these details.
      1. Setup Locations. Navigate to ‘Manage Locations’. To create employees, you must assign them to a location and department (I.e. Sydney, DC1). Simply use the text box to enter location, and click ‘Save’ to create the location. To create departments within the location, select ‘Manage Location and Departments’, and follow the same process. You can delete any unrequired locations in this section, as well.
      1. Create Employees. Select ‘Manage Employees’ in the dashboard menu. To create employees:
        1. click ‘Create Employee’
        2. Assign them to a Location and
        3. Complete their Employee profile. Only their name is mandatory. Adding their sizing details will allow QuickClick to remind you of their size when ordering their items.
        4. Click ‘Save’.
        5. NOTE: You can also create employees on any product page. (see screen-shot below)

      1. Manage Employee Profiles. You can view employee lists, update employee details and delete employees using the relevant links under ‘Manage Employees’.


      1. Manage Orders. This section allows you to search your previous orders, either by date in the ‘Your Orders’ section, or by order number in the ‘View Order’ section.
      2. Reports. This section allows you to create compressive reports on your ordering history by location and date.