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The Thinsulate Difference

Warmth in the cooler months or year-round in the freezer warehousing space is crucial for the productivity, efficiency, and happiness of your team. However, achieving warmth, comfort, and safety without the added layers or bulk comes down to innovative technology and materials. 3M™ Thinsulate™  features in a range of Badger Australia workwear products; let’s take a look into why.

What is Thinsulate?

3M™ Thinsulate™ is a thin, lightweight synthetic insulation material made from ultra-fine microfibers.

The globally renowned science from 3M results in Thinsulate having the ability to trap air molecules, forming a barrier to protect you from cold weather or elements and providing exceptional warmth and insulation.

The efficiency

Of course, there are many types of insulation, but the Thinsulate difference is that the composition of the microscopic fibres are much thinner than other types of fibres [natural and synthetic], and this results in increased insulation efficiency when the small gaps between the fibres trap the warm air, keeping the heat generated by the body in, and the cool air out.

We often get asked about how Thinsulate compares to down insulation. The major advantage is that Thinsulate retains warmth even when it’s wet, and when it comes to workwear, we know this is a game changer.

Thinsulate is not just about performance; it’s about responsibility. Made free from harmful substances and without emitting greenhouse gases, it’s a choice that supports a commitment to the environment.

Top 4 Reasons Why We Choose Thinsulate

1. The Warmth-Thickness Ratio

Less bulk, great insulation and no heavy layers.

2. Breathability & Comfortability

The Thinsulate insulation technology allows perspiration and vapour to escape, keeping you comfortable and dry.

3. Versatility 

Thinsulate has been developed for cool and freezing temperatures, making this insulation perfect for a range of products. Whether you’re working in a freezer warehouse, outdoors, or any other cold environment, Thinsulate is the ideal choice for workwear insulation.

4. Standing The Test of Time

Thinsulate is a long-term investment. Engineered for durability and longevity, the Thinsulate microfibres retain their insulating properties wash after wash and are designed to stand the test of time and demanding work environments.

What Workwear Is Insulated With Thinsulate?

You’ll find Thinsulate in our Beanies, Freezer Gloves as well as selected boots and jackets. Some of the best selling products with Thinsulate technology include the Gator Freezer Boots, Freeza Grip Thermal Gloves and Freeza Rigger Thermal Gloves.

Put the range and Thinsulate to the test, and enjoy knowing your team are safe, warm and comfortable. If you’d like to know more, connect with one of the team; we’d love to help match you with the products that best suit your workwear and safety needs.

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