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The best spots for a snow holiday in Australia in 2018


Summer or spring aren’t the only times of year that you can enjoy a holiday amidst Australia’s great natural beauties. In fact, there are several exotic and picturesque spots that come alive when the temperatures drops!

Going to the snow_Go equipped, stay warm & comfortable.


Before you start though, its important to note you’ll only enjoy a cold holiday if you’re properly prepared. Ensure you layer sufficiently, as this is the key to keeping the cold out. It also allows you to quickly cool down as you move in and out of the cold. Also, ensure your feet and hands are properly covered and stay warm, as the blood circulation in these body parts can be lower than other areas.


Best Ski & Snow Spots in New South Wales


Thredbo is Australia’s most popular ski resort and is located deep in the Snowy Mountains. It has a versatile range of slopes, including purpose made beginner areas right up to Australia’s longest ski run for advanced snow sportsmen! You can also join in on exciting and unique activities such night skiing and flare runs. The off-piste action including street side braziers & bars creates an awesome winter theatre and makes the spot even more attractive!

  • Location: Kosciusko National Park, New South Wales (6.5-hour drive from Sydney)
  • Runs and terrain: 92 runs (16% beginner, 67% intermediate, 17% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 480 acres
  • Vertical drop: 672 metres

A neighbour to Thredbo, Perisher is another Snowy Mountains resort that’s very popular for seasoned skiers and families alike. While it doesn’t have the same village atmosphere as Thredbo, the self-catering lodges are great for family holidays and have their own restaurants and bars. It has plenty of skiable terrain; over 1200 acres!

  • Location: Kosciusko National Park, New South Wales (6.5-hour drive from Sydney)
  • Runs and terrain: 133 runs (22% beginner, 60% intermediate, 18% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 1,245 acres
  • Vertical: 355 metres

Charlotte Pass

The highest resort in Australia, Charlotte Pass has the most reliable snow conditions. It is solely ski-in and ski-out and is quite isolated, making it a great ‘get-away’ for a day in the snow. It also has a good variety of slopes of varying difficulty.

  • Location: Kosciusko National Park, New South Wales (6.5-hour drive from Sydney)
  • Runs and terrain: 24 runs (33% beginner, 29% intermediate, 38% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 50 acres
  • Vertical: 209 metres


Best Snow & Ski Spots in Victoria

Mt Buller

Buller is only a three-hour drive from Melbourne, meaning its great for a day trip. Unfortunately, lots of people often have the same idea, so it can be very crowded on weekends! However, the great ski-lift and slope network makes it very easy to navigate the resort and the village has a range of entertaining things to do and see.

  • Location: Alpine National Park, Victoria (3-hour drive from Melbourne)
  • Runs and terrain: 41 runs (20% beginner, 45% intermediate, 35% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 300 acres
  • Vertical: 400 metres
Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham is more remote than Buller, making it one of Victoria’s best kept winter secrets. Famous for its challenging and exciting slopes, Hotham is home to the longest vertical drop in the country at 395 meters. Plus, the village is uniquely located at the top of the mountain, so you’ll be living in the clouds!

  • Location: Australian Alps National Park, Victoria (4.5-hour drive from Melbourne)
  • Runs and terrain: 66 runs (20% beginner, 40% intermediate, 40% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 320 acres
  • Vertical: 395 metres
Falls Creek

Falls Creek is located deep in the Victorian high country and features more than 450 acres of skiable terrain, more than any other slope in Victoria. The scenery is serene and the village is full of great restaurants and bars.

  • Location: Alpine National Park, Victoria (5-hour drive from Melbourne)
  • Runs and terrain: 92 runs (27% beginner, 60% intermediate, 23% advanced)
  • Skiable terrain: 450 acres
  • Vertical: 380 metres


Best Ski & Snow Spots in Tasmania

Ben Lomond

While it may not be the most well-known resort in Australia, Ben Lamond delivers a range of slopes suitable for amateurs and pros alike. Plus, it’s generally uncrowded and the alpine views are serene!

  • Location: Ben Lomond, TAS 7212 (1.5 hour drive from Launceston)
  • Runs and terrain: 6 runs (Beginner 37%, Intermediate 53%, Advanced 10%%)
  • Skiable terrain: 35 acres
  • Vertical: 85m
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