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Whether you live in a typically cooler region or a cold working environment like food storage, it’s essential that you’re fully protected against all weather conditions and climates with a winter work jacket.

While most Australians may not face severe snow and ice conditions in our winters, it’s still vital that you’re protected against the lowered temperature and wetter weather. This isn’t just a safety concern but a health issue too. With the colder winter temperatures comes the increased concern of cold stress, decreased immunity and risk of contracting illnesses that’ll keep you off the job. This is why it’s important to make sure you have the proper winter work jacket to protect you in those cold and drizzly mornings.

Choosing the Right Materials

Working outdoors can become challenging, and it can become even trickier when that winter weather starts rolling in, with frosty mornings, wet weather and cold winds, which is why you must pick suitable winter workwear for your needs.

When looking for the right winter workwear, it’s important that you not only look at the visual appearance and feel of a jacket but the materials used. By choosing the appropriate material, you can find yourself not only more protected, and dryer but can see lower fatigue levels, extended durability and improved visibility.

Because winter work jackets need to protect you, the best materials to look for when finding a new coat is fleece and synthetic fibres. Unlike cotton, which is a popular choice for work shirts because of its breathability, in winter, it becomes damp quickly, which you don’t want on a wet and windy winter day. Cotton also tends to lose insulation more easily, which is hazardous for outdoor workers.

Importance of Waterproof and Windproof Clothing

It goes without saying that your winter work jacket should be made from a waterproof material on the outermost layer. It would help if you also looked for a windproof jacket that has an enhanced insulation design to keep you toasty no matter the weather outside.

Heavy Duty Workwear Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Heavy-duty is a term often seen in workwear ranges for industrial workers. While it may seem reasonable to buy heavy-duty, it won’t always be the safest option. No matter what your workwear is described as, it’s important that what you choose isn’t heavy, bulky, or cumbersome. You should be able to have a full range of motion in your workwear without it being too weighty.


The Best Place for Workwear

Badger has everything tradies, farmers, surveyors and project managers need, from hi-vis to seasonal workwear that will keep you warm and protected from the changing Australian elements.

Browse Badger’s online store for quality winter work jackets that are durable and comply with the Australian safety standard. Contact us directly for assistance or any further questions.

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