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Now that spring is coming, you can look forward to storing away your winter work jacket. But if you want to keep safe on site through the warmer months, then now is a great time to break in a new pair of safety work boots.

A good pair of boots will protect your feet against injuries, including crush injuries from falling objects; burns from chemical spills; extreme heat; chilblains, swelling, or frostbite from low temperatures; and cuts and punctures from common site materials like nails.

Badger stocks the best range of work boots in Australia. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled this quick checklist.

Safety Boot Checklist

What to look for in a safety boot

1. Safety cap – Steel or composite cap. Essential for protecting your foot from injury. Click here for more information on the differences between using a steel or composite safety cap.

2. Scuff cap – Look for the scuff cap at the front of the boot which helps it last longer.

3. Boot closure – Side zips are becoming more popular. Elastic sides are an easy pull-on option, but if you’re looking for a secure fit or added ankle support, go with lace ups.

4. Upper material – Full grain leather offers the best weatherproofing. Wheat colour is fashionable, black leather is more resistant to moisture.

5. Outer sole – TPU is light and cushioning but lacks heat resistance; Nitrile offers premium resistance to heat, oil, mild acids, etc, but is a less flexible material; rubber is sturdy, heat tolerant, and puncture resistant, but heavy. Choose the right outer sole for your application & check out this post for more information on boot outsoles.

6. Heel protection – Heel kicks protect the boots from damage and also adds ankle & heel support.

7. Insulation – If working in cold environments, boots with Thinsulate insulation will help keep you warm.

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