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Tradie Working Styles: Which One Are You?

Sometimes Aussie tradies are all lumped together in people’s minds, but at Badger Australia we know industry personnel, and from your workwear to your equipment, tradies are all remarkably different. While identical screen printed work shirts create visual unity on the worksite, it’s good to know how working styles differ and how we can present the best version of ourselves.

In this blog we will cover the five main worksite “personalities” and the kind of workwear, PPE and accessories we often pair with each. Read on to discover what your working style is, and what Badger products you should consider to boost your work day.

1. The Independent One

It’s easy to recognise an independent worker: they prefer doing things alone, according to their own instincts, and without heavy supervision. They also tend to be strongly detail orientated. Without being cliche, independent workers are often drawn to job positions like welding, where they can be left to their own devices. That said, independent workers are just as likely to be entrepreneurs, and may be common among independent contractors and sole business owners.

If you’re working away from others then it’s important to have everything you need on your person, such as sunscreen, marker pens, cleaning supplies and safety knives.

2. The Team Player

Team players are an asset on a busy worksite, where cooperation is key. Team players work best in a group, enjoy working with others and sharing responsibilities. No worksite is complete without a group of team players who get things done, however, if you’re a project manager or business owner who would like to encourage a more cooperative spirit among your employees, then you can boost morale by investing in a customised uniform.

3. The Jack of All Trades

Also known as having a proximity working style, the jack of all trades works well alone and with others. Jack of all trades are adaptable and quick to learn, and often act as the go-between between departments and worksites.

Such a guy or girl needs a broad wardrobe, since they’ll be heading into more diverse terrain than many of their colleagues. Our wet weather clothing can keep the jack of all trades comfortable and dry wherever they go.

4. The Collaborator

We could have called the collaborator the charismatic one, but the proper term for it is a supporting working style. This is the boss or employee that connects emotionally to others and acts as the bedrock of the team. They’re also sometimes the face of the business and work well in project management.

The collaborator is more likely than most to need to move between the boardroom and brick laying in a flash, which is why executive safety boots are their best friend in terms of functionality and style.

5. The Mastermind

Sometimes the collaborator is also the mastermind of the whole operation, but in other cases, the mastermind is the visionary working behind the scenes. It might be cliche, but dynamic duos often include a people person (collaborator) and a mastermind – the one who dreams big and steers the business.

The mastermind is often the one working with Badger to come up with a winning workwear design for their company, or taking care of their inventory, such as hi vis items and PPE.

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