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Top Five Reasons to Have Branded Employee Uniforms

What sets a business apart? Few of us remember telephone numbers, street addresses or a passing face, but we all remember a sophisticated logo and brand name. To stand out and be memorable, your employees should wear custom-branded workwear to present a professional image that customers remember.

So how do you get started? Badger’s Signature Branding™ service provides a 5 to 10 day turn-around on all orders, so your business looks great in no time. Our team of specialists are dedicated to creating the best personalised workwear around. Look sharp in work clothing with an embroidered or heat-pressed company logo.  Shop by industry, design and fit, and allow us to add your customised work colours, word mark or logo for a professional finishing touch.

Don’t have a logo yet? Don’t worry! Our in-house graphics team will be happy to help create, update or fine-tune your brand image. Leave it with us!

There are countless good reasons to have high-quality custom workwear made for your business, but for now, let’s list five:


1. Creates A Professional Image

These days the no-uniform uniform just won’t cut it if you regularly meet and greet customers. Whether you work on Zoom or go on-site, you want to leave a good impression. A custom work shirt creates professional image that is trustworthy and memorable.

take UV protection for workers seriously
In-built Promotion

2. In-built Promotion

Branded work uniforms become in-house walking billboards. Customised clothing helps differentiate your business from competitors and promotes your company’s products and services wherever your employees go. Immediately recognisable company representatives who can be approached for information improve sales “for free”.

3. Improved Health And Safety

Some uniforms have functional health and safety benefits. For example, flame resistant workwear can prevent injury in electrical operations and high visibility uniforms can reduce collisions. At Badger Australia our custom work shirt designs and high vis components comply with Australian safety standards.

safety is in my hand
NF McDonnell workers

4. Maintains On-site Security

The last thing you want is for an unauthorised person to walk into a job site. Company uniforms make it easy to identify who is and who isn’t on your team. By knowing who’s who you ensure onsite security remains strong.

5. Builds Company Pride

Uniforms help employees feel part of a team and instills team spirit. A sense of belonging translates into a sense of responsibility toward your business and, in turn, can improve productivity. Work forms a large part of our identity and sense of self-worth, so a uniform can contribute positively to self-confidence and pride. Happiness factor can be improved even more by providing uniforms as part of a rental program that reduces laundering time and money. Like they say, you have to give 10% to receive 100%.

risk of Heat stroke when working in the sun

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