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As masks become part of our everyday life, the Badger Team thought you would find these tips useful. Read on to find out how to easily make masks more comfortable & bearable today!

Use a mask ear saver

Mask ear savers are a clever product that allow you to wear a mask without the straps touching your ears. This reduces the irritation or discomfort that wearing a mask for a long time can cause. Some ear saver styles are metal detectable as well, making them suitable for food processing environments.




Wear a reusable fabric mask

Reusable fabric masks are becoming more popular since the Victorian government endorsed their use as a face covering. Finding a reusable mask with a cotton inner layer (the layer touching your skin) will often be more comfortable than a surgical mask. Obviously the added bonus is they can be washed & reused, reducing waste and cost in the long run.






Stop your glasses fogging up

With nearly half of Australian’s wearing glasses, masks making your glasses fog up has become an issue that is both annoying & unsafe! It is caused as most of the air you exhale is pushed up by the mask, instead of out. Below are 4 ways you can try reduce fogging caused by wearing a face covering:

  1. Washing your glasses with soapy water leaves behind a thin surfactant film on your lenses which can effectively stop the misting caused by your breath.
  2. Using a mask with a nose bridge will allow you to mould the top the mask around your nose, meaning the water vapour from you exhaling is blocked from travelling upwards.
  3. A anti-fogging spray or wipe will leave a solution on your glasses that prevents the fogging. These products can contain chemicals that cause skin irritation however, so make sure you check that out first.
  4. Placing a tissue across the bridge of our nose, across the top of the mask, will also block the vapour from hitting your specs, helping to reduce any fogging.


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