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The Tradie Accessories You Forget You Need

Are there times on-site where you’ve forgotten your sunscreen or need to open a delivery and there is no safety knife on-site? ​You wouldn’t go to a job without the right tools yet it’s easy to forget the other necessities that make your day a little easier. At Badger, we do more than provide the best hi-vis jackets and embroidered polo shirts online. We provide all the accessories you need to make your job that little bit easier and more comfortable. Here is our checklist of extras you should be keeping in your work bag.

50+ Sunscreen

When you’re onsite out in the sun all day, no matter how much sunscreen you apply at some point it’s going to rub off as you perspire in the heat. That’s why it’s important to also keep a spare sunscreen in your tool bag. A quality sunscreen for hours of work in the sun is hard to come by, that’s why at Badger we stock Pro Bloc SPF 50+ lip balm and 50+ sunscreen. Pro Bloc filters up to 98% of UV rays, provides broad-spectrum UV and UVB protection, is four hours water resistant and free from nanoparticles. Apply this sun cream to any areas that are not protected by your clothing.

A Straw Hat

Aside from your Pro Bloc sunscreen, you should always have a straw hat on standby. This will add extra skin protection and assist in keeping the sun out of your eyes. Not to mention protecting you from the harsh UV rays that can lead to skin cancer on your face and ears. Buying a good quality straw hat means it’s light and durable, which does not add extra weight to your bag. Being made from straw allows ventilation for maximum airflow keeping you cool. Having the hi-vis band allows you to be seen by other workers and vehicles to see you sooner than they would normally during difficult weather conditions.

A Safety Knife

If you need to keep one tool on you, it’s a safety knife. You’ll never know when one will come in handy. These are also known as box cutters, as the most common use for them is for opening boxes. There is a wide range of different safety knife styles available, but their basic function is to retract the knife blade when you let go of the slider, or when pressure is taken off the blade. We would recommend the auto-retracting safety knife as this comes with an automatic black retracting system that prevents injuries. It’s also suitable for both right and left-handers and features rubber grip sides that will prevent slipping.

A Neck Gaiter

You’ll be thankful to find one of these at the bottom of your bag when the weather turns cold. The Rainbird FH96 Fleece Freezer Neck-Head Warmer takes up little space and has a big impact. This extra layer is perfect for cold conditions with its snug fit which creates a layer of insulation. Made from polyester fleece, this needs to be a staple for every tradie’s work bag.

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