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The Benefits of Heat Pressed Workwear

A branded uniform is the simplest way to make your employees look and feel smart and presentable on the job, create team unity, and engender a sense of brand identity.

A unique uniform is also a fantastic way to advertise your services for free, as your employees become walking, talking billboards for your business. In some cases, hundreds if not thousands of pedestrians may walk past your work site, so for the small price of a work shirt, that’s a lot of brand visibility!

At Badger, we offer premium, fast turn-around heat pressed workwear and logo design services, so your team can look fantastic in no time.

However, if you’re still wondering what heat pressed workwear is exactly, and how it can benefit your business, then read on.

Heat Transfer Workwear

Heat transfer printing (commonly called “heat press”)  is a process where a graphic design or word art is added to clothing using heat. The design is transferred onto paper or vinyl, which acts as a medium to press the image onto the garment. Heat and pressure make the image transfer permanent, vibrant and long lasting.

Heat Press vs Embroidery

You might be wondering how heat press workwear compares against embroidered workwear. We’ve probably all seen embroidered logos before and, while they can look eye-catching, they come with some serious downsides. For starters, embroidered designs eventually fray, which ends up looking shabby, and the backing on an embroidered logo can be uncomfortable against your skin. Embroidery is also more of a traditional look. Finally, embroidery can also be costly since you often pay per stitch rather than per the entire design. This means that full-length embroidery is probably out of the question, and your logo may need to be smaller and less impressive.

In contrast, heat press has a more graphic, modern appearance with vibrant colours that can easily extend across the entire garment. Heat pressed logos lie flat because they’re made using dye, so you’re not going to have any loose threads, either. Heat press is also cost effective and, while not as long lasting as embroiders, you will certainly get plenty of mileage out of each garment.


Embroidery is limited in how many colours & details you can include.
Heat pressed logos, like Badger’s Signature Branding, can include as many colours as you’d like and is capable of having intricate details like small text & decals.


Five Reasons to Use Badger Signature Heat Press Branding


The unique process Badger uses is faster, meaning you receive customized orders within 10 days. 90% of orders are dispatched within 5!


The technology Badger uses for branding means what you see on the computer screen is what is printed on the garment. The outcome is crisper and brighter, so your brand image is improved!


Traditional methods of branding are less hygienic as loose threads can trap dust and other things. Signature Branding means there is no risk of cross contamination, making it safer and more hygienic!


Signature Branding will help you reduce the overall costs of your customized workwear & clothing. Firstly, you will receive one complimentary logo with each garment*, plus, each logo has a LIFETIME warranty so you can be sure they won’t fail.


The Badger Signature Branding team is so confident with the heat pressed method used, we guarantee logos will last the lifetime of the garment. If they don’t for some reason, we will provide a replacement, no questions asked!

The Only Place for Custom Workwear

Browse Badger’s online store for a hassle-free supply of workwear with logos! We have everything tradies and project managers need, from hi vis, to extreme hot and cold workwear, to customisable work clothing and women’s options. See for yourself or contact us directly for assistance.

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