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 New uniforms are exciting for the team, but tracking the allocations, spend, and sizes manually with spreadsheets can mean endless hours of hard work, too. At Badger, we are committed to providing a hassle-free supply of workwear, and that means in the ordering process, too. So, please allow us to introduce you to Badger’s Quanitity-Based Budgets. This new feature was intentionally designed to simplify and streamline the ordering process while providing greater traceability and accuracy.

So, what are the benefits of Quantity-Based Budgets?

Firstly, bid farewell to the headache of manual tracking and spreadsheets. With the new Quantity-Based Budgets feature, you can effortlessly access accurate spend and order data and get your time back by eliminating the tedious admin that comes with team uniforms. Imagine where that time can be redirected…

Quantity Based Budgets also offer flexibility. Budgets can be customised with different allowances and set up for multiple departments and locations, meaning you can personalise it to meet your business’s unique needs. They can also be set up for all employees or specific groups, brilliant, we know!

Ready to get your time back and your team uniforms ordered?

Here’s How To Get Set Up to Utilise Quantity Based Budgets

  1. Log in to your Badger account, and from your dashboard, navigate to Manage Employees > Employee Budgets.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Quantity Based Budgets’ section. [Dollar-based budgets for all employees on this page].
  3. Create a new budget, then choose to apply it to all employees or specific locations/departments. New locations or departments can be set up from the ‘Manage Locations’ section of the dashboard.
  4. Customise your budget by selecting all products or specific product categories or products. Multiple budgets can be created using different categories and products to give you the flexibility you need.
  5. Finally, create a test orders to trial your new budgets and ensure they’re set up correctly.
  6. If you need some guidance, get in touch with the Badger Team. We’d love to help!

A Real World Example

Let’s make this a reality and consider some examples. Perhaps all staff are allowed 2 pairs of trousers per year, but warehouse staff are allowed 5 polos, cold store staff are allowed 1 freezer jacket and office staff are allowed 2 corporate shirts. With Quantity Based Budgets, managing these allocations is simple.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Badger’s Quantity Based Budgets today, login to your Badger Account and get started!

Product Restrictions Example Setup

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