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Product Spotlight: Winter Jumpers

With the beginning of every different season comes a new set of weather hazards that Aussie workers must deal with to get the job done.

Winter is the primary season that causes more concern and health issues, with an increased likelihood of cold stress, decreased immunity and an increased risk of contracting illnesses that keep you off the job. It’s essential to make sure you have the proper winter work jacket to protect you on those cold and drizzly mornings.

Today we’ll be going over some great winter jumpers we offer that will keep you warm and dry all winter long, so you can push through and get those jobs delivered on time!

HiVis Full Zip Fleecy (D+N) Hoodie

Our Hi Vis Full Zip Hoodie combines polyester and cotton to give you a warm and comfortable hoodie that’s easy to clean and look after. With elasticated sleeves and a waist to ensure a safe and snug fit and a drawcord hood to provide extra protection, this hoodie is the perfect jacket to keep you warm all winter.

This jumper can easily be laid under a larger waterproof jacket for frosty mornings; it’s hi-vis stripes to ensure you’re seen by everyone else on site.

Crew Neck Fleecy Jumper

This crew neck jumper should be an essential piece to any blue-collar worker. It’s perfect for any season, as a warm jumper on a chilly spring morning or laid underneath a large raincoat in winter.

Made from polyester for durability and cotton to add some comfort, the crew neck fleecy jumper is perfect for any time of the year.

Hivis X-Back (D+N) 1/2 Zip Jumper

With a ½ zip, two side pockets and a pen pocket, the Hivis X-back ½ zip jumper is another essential jumper you should have on hand for the constantly changing weather conditions.

It’s not only a warm and comfortable jumper made with durable polyester and cotton, it also includes a cross-back styled reflective tape to uphold national safety regulations. Making this jumper the perfect jumper for those working early mornings or nights, the X on their back decreases any safety issues that could occur during these times of low visibility.

The Best Place for Workwear

We have everything tradies, farmers, surveyors and project managers need, from hi-vis to seasonal workwear to keep you warm and protected from the changing Australian elements.

Browse Badger’s online store for durable winter work jumpers that comply with the Australian safety standard. Contact us directly for assistance or any further questions.

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