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PPE for the Warehousing and Logistics Industry

Since 2003, Badger Australia having been providing workers with high-quality PPE and custom workwear Australia-wide. Few jobs are more demanding than a role in the warehousing and logistics Industry, and it can be easy to get complacent about personal safety. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of workplace injuries occur every year in Australia, and amongst those, the warehousing and logistics industries figure prominently. According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the most common causes of workplace injuries are lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending (24.2%), followed by being hit or cut by an object or vehicle (18.2%), and slips or falls (15.5%), all of which are commonplace hazards in warehousing and logistics.

Alongside safety and wellness plans, protocols, and proper training, PPE is a crucial factor in preventing workplace injuries. With badger’s range of workwear, PPE, footwear, and freezer-wear, you know your workers are in safe hands. In this blog we examine some of the injuries most commonly sustained by workers in the warehousing and logistics industries and discuss how the right PPE can reduce risk.

Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, or Bending

The kinds of injuries most commonly caused by lifting, pushing, pulling, or bending are shoulder, back, and neck injuries. The best way of avoiding these injuries is by following safety protocols, such as not attempting to lift too-heavy items by yourself and lifting with the knees rather than the back. However, injuries to hands and feet are also frequently caused by these kinds of movements, and here PPE can make a big difference. 

Industrial gloves can reduce the risk of all of these injuries by providing workers with improved grip, thus lowering the chance of dropping heavy items. The Badger CrissCross Thermal Glove uses a high performance polyethylene shell to protect workers’ hands from cuts and thermal lining to keep hands warm in cold conditions. The food grade crisscross silicone grip palm helps them keep a secure hold on heavy items.

Adequate footwear can be hugely instrumental in reducing foot injuries caused by dropped items. Badger stocks a wide range of safety boots incorporating steel- and composite-toe caps protect from injuries to the delicate bones in the foot. The popular Gator Polar Zip Side Lace Up Freezer Safety Boot uses a composite toe cap and 600g of thinsulate thermal insulation and can be worn in temperatures as low as -30° to -40° Celsius.

Being Hit or Cut by an Object or Vehicle

Wherever there is a chance of injury by falling object or collision, workers should wear a hard hat certified to comply with AS/NZS standards. Our Hard Hats with Pin Lock Harness are made in Australia from strong but light ABS with a reinforced peak to offer maximum protection to the top of the head while avoiding neck strain. They also feature adjustable fabric webbing, a towelling sweatband, and vented design, meaning they can be worn comfortably for long periods.

Slips and Falls

Suitable footwear can help to prevent slips and falls. The Cougar Champion Safety Shoe comes with a highly slip-resistant outsole and a soft polyurethane footbed for comfort. The composite safety toe cap is made from high-quality fibreglass and protects toes against impacts of at least 200 Joules.

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Badger Australia provides free delivery and returns Australia-wide, no minimum order, no questions asked. Our commitment to providing the highest-quality PPE with exceptional customer service has seen Badger expand to become Australia’s fastest growing workwear provider. To find out more about our range of PPE and workwear, call us on 1300 305 275 or send us an email at sales@badgeraustralia.com.au.

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