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Is personalised workwear the most important thing for your business?

Branded workwear has become and is still continuing to become more and more common and is a significant component in setting your business apart from your competitors. Your company’s workwear should keep your employees comfortable and help them do their job. Having branded workwear has significant benefits for both clients and employees and can be considered an investment that your business should take advantage of.

When deciding on personalised workwear, you need to have them tailored to your business needs. This can help to prove consistency as well as positive for your business and help to increase your brand identity. Here is why, we at Badger Australia think you should consider investing in branded workwear:

Brand promotion and increasing your reputation

Being able to have your company logo and branding displayed clearly on will help clients and potential clients distinguish and recognise your staff. This is especially helpful with those on construction sites as passers-by can spot your company name clearly on their workwear. This is as effective as free advertising and can help draw potential customers to the business. Your company name will become lodged in people’s minds even when they don’t realise it and in time you should see the benefits of more customer leads and business.

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A particularly important one for those in the construction industry but applicable to other industries especially those that involve large crowds. With all your staff wearing the same workwear, it makes it easier to spot your staff. For example, at a large event where there may be 50,000 people or more, having your team in unique workwear will help those attending the event spot a member of staff but also help you keep track of your staff. You want to keep your team safe and those at events or on site at a construction site, and business branded workwear is a great way to do that.

Increased Visibility

Personalised and branded clothing, such as hospitality uniforms, makes your employees clear to customers. With your logo present on their garments your employees can be picked out by customers with ease. Being visible to customers is important if they have concerns or need advice before selecting their products or services. Branded workwear projects a more consistent image of your business and your employees and you can order items of the highest quality designed to your personal specifications.

Building Rapport

Employees who are wearing personalised, branded industrial workwear find it easier to build up rapport and relationships with other team members. When a group of people are wearing a uniform, the ability to bond and build rapport increases and can help subconsciously develop team player skills. There’s a reason why kids wear uniforms.

Increased Efficiency

Placing your company’s logo on your employee’s workwear helps to give them a sense of responsibility and pride. It further establishes a sense of accountability, which will result in an increase in efficiency and individual consciousnesseses. An individual wear a company’s uniform will likely reduce individual’s slacking off as there is greater visual representation of the business.

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Easier to contact

Having personalised business workwear enables you to not only advertise your business but also add your website and contact details as well. This further helps drive potential clients to your business as finding contact details is right there in front of them and it reduces the time it takes to search for your business. Forgetting they have seen your business could be reduced as they can make a first point of contact straight away. The ease of contacting them will help customers identify that you are able to meet their needs and help drive customers to your business.

Not every business will need or benefit from having specific branded workwear, however, more businesses than not will benefit, like we have identified above. Whether you want to forge better employee relationships or advertise your business whilst on the go, this can be massively impactful and should be seen more than just uniform.

Saves Time

Having an employee uniform helps your employees save time in a morning, or evening, as they don’t need to think about what they are wearing, they already know what they have to wear to work. This also saves any mishaps or clothing malfunctions and for those in industries where visibility is key, this allows for additional high visibility stripes or other features to be added. Furthermore, this also saves employees money as they don’t have to purchase work clothes or additional clothes, rather their uniform is purchased by the business and does not come out of their pocket.

Who are Badger Australia?

At Badgers Australia we believe in providing service with a wow, setting high industry standards while evolving and embracing change so that we can be open-minded and as innovative as possible to bring you the best quality products and products that are not yet available. We strive to think of others which is embodied in our free delivery and free returns policy nationwide across Australia. Our passionate ownership helps us think outside the box and help us to channel our passion and determination to maximise execution and increase our efficiency.

We strive to offer a user friendly and secure ordering platform manufacturing top quality products and we back this up with our lifetime warranty. Our industry leading warranties and 365 day return policy sets us apart and helps show our passionate for getting customers into the best possible workwear.

Concluding thoughts

Badger Australia want to help you make the most of your business and provide the highest quality personalised workwear. The benefits of this workwear are an increased presence for your staff, increased visibility to potential customers and a fantastic, and largely free, method of advertising. There are a lot of strong reasons to start or update your employee’s workwear, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today or visit our website to find out how to get started.

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