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Gloves are a vital part of our daily routines, shielding our hands from dirt, germs, and potential hazards. But just like any other item we use regularly, gloves need proper care to maintain their efficacy and hygiene. Here’s a step-by-step guide to effectively clean your gloves and help them last longer.

Understanding Your Gloves

Different gloves require specific cleaning methods based on their materials. Whether it’s rubber, leather, fabric, or disposable, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for precise cleaning instructions. Below are a few cleaning methods you can use, depending on your glove type.

Cleaning Your Gloves

  • Rubber/Plastic Gloves: Wash each glove thoroughly, paying attention to both the exterior and interior. Use the soft-bristled brush for intricate areas. Rinse them with clean water to remove any soap residue.
  • Leather Gloves: Avoid submerging leather gloves in water. Instead, use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe the surface gently. Allow them to air dry naturally.
  • Fabric Gloves: These can typically be hand washed like clothing items. Use a gentle detergent, and avoid excessive rubbing to prevent damage to the fabric. You can also machine wash most fabric gloves:
    • Cotton, Polyester, Wool Gloves: These materials are safe for machine washing. Use cold water and mild laundry detergent in the machine.
    • Nylon Gloves: Opt for warm water and mild detergent when washing these gloves in the machine.
Latex gardening gloves hung on clothes line to air dry
Credits: The Spruce

Drying Your Gloves

After washing, air dry your gloves. Lay them flat or hang in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid using a dryer, as it may cause damage or shrinkage.

Disposable Gloves

Though not reusable, ensure proper disposal of disposable gloves following local regulations and guidelines.

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