How High-Quality PPE Formed the Foundation for Badger AU
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How High-Quality PPE Formed the Foundation for Badger Australia

Since first stepping onto the scene back in 2003, Badger Australia has become renowned for our capacity to evolve and embrace change. Today, we are the fastest growing workwear provider in Australia, with a catalogue that encompasses footwear, workwear, PPE to supply warehousing, transport, hospitality and most importantly cold storage. We are more than happy to stylishly logo your garments to help your brand make a lasting impression. But in all the excitement, we haven’t forgotten where we came from. Years before adopting the name Badger Australia, our founder Ben Cox left the family business to sell high-quality safety gear straight from his trailer. Providing Australia’s workers with durable, comfortable workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) at competitive prices remains a cornerstone of our mission.

The Humble Hard Hat

Hard hats are ubiquitous in the warehousing and transport industries, and with good reason; they have been proven to save lives. By Australian regulations, no worker should be on site without one where there is a risk of injury from falling objects or collision. Our Hard Hat with Pin Lock Harness, manufactured by JB’s Wear in Australia, exceeds all Australian safety standards. Its contoured ribs and reinforced peak add strength and protection, while the adjustable fabric webbing and vented design ensure it can be worn comfortably for long periods.

Eye Protection

According to a report by Worksafe Australia, nearly all instances of eye damage in Australia are preventable. In addition to engineering controls and safe work procedures, PPE is one of the best tools we have to avoid eye injury. Worksafe identifies four causes of eye damage:

1) impact or blunt force;

2) foreign bodies;

3) chemicals injurious to the eye; and

4) radiation.

Our Safety Goggles are manufactured by ProChoice and are certified to provide medium impact and liquid splash protection as well as 99.9% UV protection, and feature foam padding and a wide strap for extra comfort. For a lighter-weight option, Kansas Safety Glasses by Maxisafe feature a 9-base lens providing substantial coverage and a distortion free, 180-degree field of vision. For full-face, high-impact-resistant PPE, the Maxisafe Faceshield and Browguard protects from fluid splashes, dust, and airborne particles, with a replaceable polycarbonate visor and chin guard and quick lock clips for quick and easy visor replacement.

Hearing Protection

Work environments in the warehousing and transport industries can be noisy places; power tools, compressed air, and hard impacts can all damage the eardrums, especially with repeated exposure. The right PPE can help protect your workers’ hearing. Bullet Shaped Earplugs by JB’s Wear, individually packaged for hygiene and made of disposable polyurethane, are great for day-to-day use. For heavy-duty protection, you can’t go past our 32DB Supreme Earmuffs by JB’s Wear, offering premium protection and fitted with soft, foam-filled cushions for maximum comfort and sealing properties.

COVID-19 Essentials and Respiratory Protection

We’ve all had to adapt to a post-COVID world in the past year. Luckily for us and our customers, adapting to change is one of the things Badger Australia does best. With a growing range of disposable and reusable masks, hand sanitisers, and even specialised workwear for COVID Marshals, Badger Australia have you covered when it comes to keeping your workers COVIDSafe and your workplace open.

Choose Safety; Choose Badger Australia

At the end of the day, nothing is more important than the safety of your workers. Workplace injuries can turn lives upside down and cause irreparable damage to even the most well-established business. At Badger Australia, it has always been our mission to protect the guys who do the hard work, and our customers agree we’ve more than fulfilled that promise. We’re so confident you’ll be satisfied with our products that we offer a 365-day return policy, and we’ll even cover the postage. To see our full range of workwear and PPE, visit our website at badgeraustralia.com.au or call us on 1300 305 275.

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