Celebrating Australian Made Week 2023: Supporting Local Craftsmanship with Badger - Badger Australia


With Australian Made Week 2023 just around the corner, we’re pumped to honor the fantastic craftsmanship and quality our local industry brings to the table. At Badger, we’re all about promoting homegrown excellence, offering a range of Aussie made products that support our local talent and economy. Let’s celebrate Australian Made Week together and highlight the significance of choosing locally produced goods.

Embracing Aussie Made:

At Badger, we’re big fans of Aussie made products. That’s why we’ve got a collection that’s all about embracing local talent. From our iconic Badger Aussie Hoodie, made from premium Australian fabric, to our cozy Badger Merino Thermals and comfortable Badger socks, our Australian made range has got you covered. Each item showcases the exceptional quality and attention to detail that sets our local industry apart.

Supporting Local Business:

By opting for Badger’s Australian made products, you’re not just getting top-notch quality; you’re also making a positive impact on our local industry. Choosing Australian made means backing our local businesses and artisans. It’s about investing in our fellow Aussies and ensuring a bright future for our industries. Every purchase you make supports jobs, fosters innovation, and strengthens our economy.

Discover Badger’s Australian Made Range:

Ready to check out our awesome Australian made collection? Explore the range here! The Badger Aussie Hoodie is a true gem, combining premium Australian fabric with stylish design for ultimate comfort and style. Our Badger Merino Thermals provide superior warmth and insulation during the winter months, while our Badger socks offer unbeatable comfort and durability for everyday wear.

Join us in celebrating Australian Made Week 2023 and show some love for the local industry that makes us proud. Together, let’s champion Australian made products and support the craftsmanship that defines our nation.



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