Badger Australia Ensures Safety, Compliance, and Brand Identity for Montague - Badger Australia

For over seven decades, Montague has been a household name in the Australian fruit industry, renowned for their commitment to quality and excellence. As one of the leading growers and distributors of premium apples and stone fruits in the country, Montague’s success story is deeply rooted in their dedication to both the well-being of their staff and the consistency of their brand.

Safety First with Custom PPE: Maintaining a safe and secure working environment has always been a top priority for Montague. Montague’s dedicated workforce now benefits from PPE items uniquely branded with the Montague logo, promoting a sense of unity and pride while ensuring their safety.

Compliance Made Easy: The food & grocery industry comes with stringent safety regulations and compliance standards, and Montague is no exception to this rule. Badger Australia plays a vital role in keeping Montague on the right side of these standards. This allows Montague to focus on what they do best – cultivating and delivering premium fruits – without the distractions of compliance issues.

Maintaining Brand Identity: Montague’s iconic logo signifies quality, consistency, and commitment. Badger Australia recognizes the significance of preserving this brand identity throughout the working environment. By emblazoning Montague’s logo on workwear and PPE, they not only reinforce the brand but also create a professional and unified appearance among the workforce.

The partnership between Montague and Badger Australia exemplifies how a company running for over 70 years can adapt to changing times. By ensuring the safety of their staff, compliance with industry standards, and the continued projection of their brand identity, Montague Orchards is poised to thrive for many more decades to come.

Explore Badger Australia’s products and services on their website at Badger Australia, and for more information about Montague, visit their website at Montague.

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